Module A1

Philosophy Of (POA) 

Lesson 1

Hi and welcome to the Workshop Online Series!

This is the first lesson in the series, so here's a couple of helpful guidelines to read before you start:

  • This lesson can be streamed online either by a teacher facilitating a class, or individually on a student’s own computer or mobile phone (student's email address must be submitted for site access prior to this lesson).

  • All of the videos have a corresponding task afterwards, which require students to type their answers into the lesson’s worksheet. This can then be emailed as an attachment to their teacher for review.

  • All the tasks can be adapted to either individual/self-paced learning, or utilised as group work if managed by a teacher

  • It is important to follow the order of the videos, as they introduce concepts that build off each other.

  • The lesson duration is 1 hour, with 30 minutes of bonus activities. If short on time, it is better to watch all of the videos and skip activities, rather than miss out on the videos, as they include content required to move onto the next lesson.

  • You may wish to draw the lesson out over two separate lessons/periods, and use the bonus activities for students who would like to go at a faster pace.  

  • Scroll to the bottom of the lesson to see the Canva design tool referenced in the lesson, we highly recommend this tool!

Teachers: Lesson Outline

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Students: Lesson Worksheet

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Fantastic Online Design Tool:


Tip for Bonus 2 Activity: After you have logged into your Canva account, type 'Magazine Cover' into the Canva search function, then pick a template you would like to use for your role model magazine cover

Magazine Cover - Student Submissions:

If you would like to have your magazine cover featured in the gallery below, simply fill in the contact form on our website and we will

email you with instructions. 

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